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TOEFL Vocabulary Quizzes for 13th November :

  1. Sylph (n) : a fairy

  2. Sylvan (adj.) : pertaining to woods, rural

  3. Symbol (n) : a sign conventional mark, emblem, representation, figure

  4. Symbolize (v) : to be a sign of

  5. Symmetry (n) : proper proportion between parts, possession of corresponding parts that are exactly alike

  6. Sympathetic (adj.) : pitiful, compassionate, tender

  7. Sympathize (v) : to show one’s sympathy

  8. Sympathy (n) : pity

  9. Symposium (n) : collection of opinions of several persons on a problem or subject

  10. Symptom (n) : a sign

  11. Synagogue (n) : a Jewish church

  12. Syncope (n) : the omission of sound in a word, a fainting fit

  13. Syndicate (n) : a body of delegates or representatives

  14. Synod (n) : a meeting, an assembly of clergymen, a council

  15. Synonym (n) : a word having the same meaning with other

  16. Synopsis (n) : summary or outline

  17. Syntax (n) : the correct arrangement of words in a sentence

  18. Synthesis (n) : combination of separate parts into a whole

  19. Synthetic (adj.) : artificially made, made by putting different elements

  20. Syrup (n) : a sweet juice

  21. System (n) : regular method or order

  22. Systematic (al) (adj.) : orderly, methodical

  23. Systematize (v) : regularize, set in order

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