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TOEFL Vocabulary Quizzes for 9th November :

  1. Suitor (n) : a petitioner, a wooer

  2. Sulk (v) : to keep silent to show one’s displeasure

  3. Sullen (adj.) : quietly bad tempered, gloomy

  4. Sully (v) : to make dirty, to spoil

  5. Sulphur (n) : a yellow non-metallic mineral substance

  6. Sultan (n) : a Mohammedian ruler

  7. Sultana (n) : feminine of ‘sultan’ , a kind of seedless raisin

  8. Sultry (adj.) : very hot and oppressive

  9. Sum (n) : total, aggregate, a problem in arithmetic

  10. Summarize (v) : state briefly

  11. Summary (adj.) : brief, curt

  12. Summary (n) : an abstract, an abridgement

  13. Summer (n) : the warmest season of the year

  14. Summit (n) : the top

  15. Summon (v) : call to court of law with authority, call up, gather

  16. Summons (n) : order to appear before a judge

  17. Sumptuous (adj.) : splendid, costly, lordly

  18. Sun (n) : the brightest body in the sky as seen from the earth and is the main source of light and heat

  19. Sunbath (n) : exposure to direct, sun light

  20. Sunbeam (n): a ray of light from the sun

  21. Sun-burnt (adj.) : dark due to exposure to the sun

  22. Sunday (n) : the first day of the week

  23. Sunder (v) : separate, divide, keep apart

  24. Sundial (n) : an instrument for measuring time by the sun’s shadow

  25. Sundown (n): sunset

  26. Sundries (n & pl) : different small things

  27. Sundry (adj.) : various, several, more than one or two

  28. Sunken (adj.) : lying at the button of the sea or lake

  29. Sunlight (n): the light of the sun

  30. Sunny (adj.) : filled with sunshine, exposed to sunlight, cheerful

  31. Sunrise (n) : the rising of the sun, the time of the day when the sun comes up, dawn

  32. Sunset (n) : the setting of the sun

  33. Sunshade (n) : something used as a shade from the rays of the sun

  34. Sunshine (n) : light of the sun, warmth, brightness, happiness, cheerfulness

  35. Sunstroke (n) : illness caused by too much of exposure to the sun

  36. Sup (v) : eat the evening meal, sip or drink in small quantities or by lips

  37. Superb (adj.) : stately, magnificent, grand, showy, very fine, first rate

  38. Supercilious (adj.) : a haughty, dictatorial, disdainful

  39. Superficial (adj.) : of or on the surface only, shallow, slight

TOEFL Vocabulary Quizzes for 9th November :

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