TOEFL Words for 6th August

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TOEFL Words for 6th August :

  1. Pantomime (n) : dumb show

  2. Pantry (n) : a large room in which provisions and plates are kept

  3. Papa (n) : father

  4. Papacy (n) : Pope’s office as well as power

  5. Papaw (n) : a tree bearing edible fruit

  6. Paper-Mache (n) : a substance consisting of paper pulp moulded into toys, idols, boxes etc.

  7. Papyrus (n) : a seed once used to make paper

  8. Par (n) : equality, parity, equivalence, equal value, at par

  9. Parable (n) : a story told to teach a moral

  10. Parachute (n) : an umbrella-like apparatus to drop from a balloon or an aeroplane

  11. Parade (n) : a military display, parade ground

  12. Parade (v) : exhibit, show off

  13. Paradise (n) : heaven, any place of perfect happiness

  14. Paradox (n) : an apparent contradiction of a saying

  15. Paraffin (n): an oil yielding white wax substance

  16. Paragon (n) : a perfect pattern

  17. Paragraph (n) : a subdivision, clause, a part of a writing containing one central idea

  18. Parallel (adj.) : exactly similar, being at an equal distance throughout

  19. Parallel (n) : comparison, equidistant line

  20. Parallelogram (n) : a four-sided plane figure with its opposite equal and parallel

  21. Paralyze (v) : bring to a stand still, make inactive

  22. Paralyse (v) : bring to a stand still, make inactive

  23. Paralysis (n) : loss of sensory functions of the body

  24. Paramount (adj.): supreme, chief

  25. Paramour (n) : an unlawful lover of either sex

  26. Parapet (n): rampart

  27. Paraphernalia (n) : (pl) : personal belongings

  28. Paraphrase (n) : a free rendering, explanation

  29. Paraphrase (v) : tell the meanings in other words

  30. Parasite (n) : plant or animal living on another, one who hangs on others for one’s own end

  31. Parasol (n): a small umbrella used as a sunshade

  32. Parboil (v): to boil slightly

  33. Parcel (n) : packet, portion

  34. Parcel (v) : divide, pack up in to parcels

  35. Parch (v) : roast, make dry

  36. Parchment (n) : skin of sheep prepared as writing material

  37. Pard (n) : panther

  38. Pardon (v): forgive, excuse

  39. Pardon (n) : forgiveness, forbearance

  40. Pare (v) : to peel off

  41. Parent (n) : father or mother

  42. Parenthesis (n) : an insertion, interpolation

  43. Parish (n) : a district under the care of a parson

TOEFL Words for 6th August :

English Vocabulary Index