Talking Numbers

Talking Numbers : Numbers have always fascinated mankind. The ancients attached mystical significance to numbers and believed they held all the mysterious to the origins and systematic functioning of the universe.

Indeed, numbers can talk if only we know how to decipher their secret meanings. The word number itself has many meanings, besides the regular mathematical definition, one of these being: a song, dance or other musical item, according to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary.

In this chapter, we will let numbers do the talking in unlocking the meaning of hitherto esoteric or meaningless words. The words on these pages are either directly derived from numbers or have numbers embedded in their etymology (roots) or meanings.

You are welcome to share your talking numbers with the rest of the world by submitting them to us. We will add those words in these lists.

Cabal : noun

1. A secret political clique or faction

2. A committee of five ministers under King Charles II, whose surnames happened to begin with C, A, B, A and L

Caucus : noun

1. A meeting of members of a legislative body who belong to a particular political party to select candidates or decide policy

2. A group of people with shared concerns within a larger organisation

Centenarian : noun

A person who is a hundred or more years old

Centenary : noun

The hundredth anniversary of a significant event

Clique : noun

A small group of people who spend time together and do not readily allow others to join them

Cipher : noun

1. A code or a key to a code

2. Zero (rarely used)

3. An unimportant person or thing

From the first meaning, the word decipher is derived, implying: to convert from code into normal language or succeed in understanding or interpreting something obscure or unclear.

Coterie : noun

A small exclusive group of people who share similar interests or tastes

Couplet : noun

A pair of successive lines of verse, usually rhyming and of the same length

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