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Tamarind :

Nobody knows where my Tamarind stood

Just by a winding lane.

Each year it gave me fruit and shade, and drew

Me to my home again.

I loved to sit beneath her shady boughs,

And rest up for a while,

To gaze out upon the distant blue hills,

With laughter and a smile.

And now that I’m back, I’m eager to find,

My tamarind again.

I hasten down to that favourite spot,

I search... but search in vain.

Then I stop and I stare; I stand quite still

I listen to my heart.

That magnificent tree, that was my life,

Has just been ripped apart.

I turn to the hills, my eyes filled with tears

For sure, I've lost my soul.

Where once it stood tall, there's nothing there now,

Merely an empty hole.


Words to Know :

Boughs : branches

Drew : past tense of draw : to pull, to attract

Eager : keen to do something, excited about something

Hasten : to move quickly

Merely : only as described and nothing more

In vain : without success

Winding : made up of curves and twists

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