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Teaching Vocabulary for 29th October :

  1. Standpoint (n) : one’s point of view, one’s way of regarding a matter

  2. Stand-still (n) : cessation of motion, in activity

  3. Stan-nary (n) : tin mine

  4. Stanza (n) : a group of lines of a poem

  5. Starboard (n) : the right side of a ship

  6. Star (n) : one of the shining bodies seen in the sky at night, an actor

  7. Starch (n) : white, tasteless food substance used for stiffening cloth

  8. Stare (v) : look fixedly, gaze

  9. Stare (n) : a fixed look

  10. Stark (adj.) : stiff or rigid

  11. Starlight (n): the light given by a star or stars

  12. Starling (n) : a small bird with dark feathers

  13. Starlit (adj.) : lighted by the stars

  14. Start (v) : begin, set in motion, to make a involuntary, movement

  15. Startle (v) : shock, frighten for a moment

  16. Starve (v) : cause to suffer from hunger

  17. State (n) : condition, rank, grandeur, a government, kingdom, pomp

  18. State (v) : declare, express, say

  19. Stated (adj.) : made known, announced

  20. Stately (adj.) : splendid, majestic

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