Tenali Rama and The Thieves

Tenali Rama and The Thieves : TENALI RAMA STORY

One calm night, Tenali Rama was resting at home. The moon was shining brightly. The cool breeze blew gently.

Suddenly, Tenali Rama saw somebody moving from the nearby bushes. He could see two shadowy figures in the dark, hiding themselves behind the bushes. Tenali Rama concluded them to be thieves and decided to teach them a lesson.

He went inside his house and spoke to his wife, “Listen Dear….”

He continued loudly, “We need to safeguard all our valuables from theft. Bring a metal box.”

The thieves who heard all these words smiled at each other happily.

Tenali Rama then whispered to his wife about his plan. He asked her to bring some bricks and put them in the metal box. He carried the metal box on his head and took it to the well in the backyard.

He kept the box on the wall of the well and said, “My dear wife….We must be careful. Thieves are waiting to steal our wealth. I want to safeguard the jewels and the money from them. This is the safest place in our house to safeguard our wealth.” Saying these words to his wife, he dropped the box into the well. The box fell down into the water with a loud noise.


Tenali Rama and his wife slept peacefully.

The thieves watching all this hugged each other happily.

AT midnight, the thieves went near the well and looked into it. The well was deep and had a lot of water. They could not jump into it. So, both of them decided to drain the well.

So, they drew water with a bucket from the well and poured it into the nearby garden. They had to do it quietly.

Throughout the night, they drew water from the well. They became tired. Further they hardly drain the well. They sat for a while to take rest.

AT dawn, Tenali Rama awoke and came near the well. On seeing him both the thieves trembled in fear.

Tenali Rama spoke to them gently, “Dear Brothers! Thank you so much for watering my plants all through the night! I want to reward both of you in the king’s palace for the services you have rendered to me.”

The thieves were terribly shocked and ran away from the house of Tenali Rama.

Tenali Rama and The Thieves

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