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Tenses :

Rewrite the following passage filling in the blanks with correct tense form of the verbs given in brackets.

  1. Had he _______ (pursue) tennis, Sachin would never have _______ (become) a cricketer. Sachin recently _______ (move) out of his old flat but continues to live Near Sahitya Sahawas with his wife Anjali and two children, daughter Sara and son Arjun.

  2. At 17 years Sachin _______ (become) the third youngest player to score a test hundred and _______ (go) on to brave the fierce desert storm at Sharjah and the fierce Australian bowling to lead India to the finals of the Sharjah Cup. Then on his 25th birthday, India _______ (meet) Australia in the final of the Coca to chase 273 runs.

  3. On September 5, Sachin _______ (appear) in his 100th test match at The Oval, England, _______ (make) him the fourth Indian to reach that prestigious milestone. Today he _______ (enjoy) superstar status in India, a position he need not _______ (give up) for several decades more.

  4. Detective Sambu _______ (treat) like royalty in London, Goldstein _______ (host) a dinner in his honour. During the dinner, Sir John _______ (tell) Sambu that some anti-social element in London _______ (circulate) counterfeit currencies. He _______ (ask) Sambu to work along with the Detective Palmer and hunt and nab the culprits.

  5. Sambu ______ (be) roughly shoved into a room and a man-servant _______ (left) on guard. Sambu’s limited memory ______________ (tell) him that the servant looked familiar. He _________ (see) him somewhere. Suddenly he __________ (realise) that it was at Goldstein’s house.

  6. There I was _______ (put) to primary school. From this school, I _______ (go) to the suburban school and thence to a high school I _______ (not remember) having ever told a lie to anyone. I _______ (be) shy by nature. I always _______ (avoid) company.


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