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Test Your Vocabulary for 16th August :

  1. Pigeon-hearted (adj.) : very timid

  2. Pigheaded (adj.) : stupidly obstinate

  3. Pigment (n) : substance sued for colouring

  4. Pygmy (n) : a dwarf

  5. Pigmy (n) : a dwarf

  6. Pigsty (n) : a place where pigs are kept, pen for pigs, a dirty place

  7. Pike (n) : a weapon with a long shaft and iron or steel head, a road with toll gate, a fresh water fish with a pointed head

  8. Pile (n) : number of things lying one upon another, a set of buildings, a supporting post driven in to the ground

  9. Pile (v) : head up, supply with supports

  10. Piles (n & pl) : a painful swelling of the veins in the rectum near the anus

  11. Pilfer (v) : steal in small quantities

  12. Pilferer (n) : one who pilfers

  13. Pilgrim (n) : a traveller to holy places

  14. Pill (n) : a medicine made into small ball

  15. Pillage (n) : plunder, one who plunders

  16. Pillage (v) : plunder

  17. Pillar (n) : an upright post or column supporting the roof

  18. Pillion (n) : a sear for passenger on a motor-cycle

  19. Pillow (n) : a soft cushion for the head

  20. Pilot (n) : a guide or steersman of a ship or aeroplane

  21. Pilot (v) : steer or direct

  22. Pimpernel (n) : a plant with small pink flowers

  23. Pimple (n) : pustule, boil

  24. Pin (n) : a short piece of stiff wire with a sharp point at one end and a round head at the other used for fastening

  25. Pincers (n) : a tool used to clasp or hold a thing

  26. Pinch (v) : nip, oppress, pain, squeeze

  27. Pinch (n) : distress, pinching

  28. Pine (n) : a tree useful for timber

  29. Pine (v) : languish, waste away or become weak through sorrow, anxiety or disease

  30. Pineapple (n) : a fruit and its tree

  31. Pinion (n) : the wing of a bird, a small toothed wheel

  32. Pink (n) : a light red colour, a garden flower

  33. Pin money (n) : allowance to a wife for private use

  34. Pinnacle (n) : a small boat with oars and sails

  35. Pinnacle (n) : a slender tapering tower, zenith

  36. Pint (n) : half a quart

  37. Pioneer (n) : one who prepares the way for others by exploring new fields of activity

  38. Pious (adj.) : having deep devotion to religion

  39. Pious (n): piety

  40. Pip (n) : a seed, spot

  41. Pipe (n) : a musical wind-instrument, a long tube

  42. Pipe (v) : play on the pipe

  43. Piquant (adj.) : pleasantly sharp to the taste, pleasantly exciting, pungent

  44. Piracy (n) : sea-robbery

Test Your Vocabulary for 16th August :

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