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Testing Vocabulary for 26th September :

  1. Sail (n): sheet of canvas spread to catch the wind a sailing vessel, travelling in a ship or float

  2. Sail (n): navigate

  3. Sailor (n): a seaman, a mariner

  4. Saint (n): an eminently pious person

  5. Sake (n): cause, for the welfare of, account, regard

  6. Salad (n): a preparation of raw vegetables and herbs without cooking

  7. Salary (n): waged stipend

  8. Sale (n): exchange of goods for price

  9. Saleable (adj.): fit to be sold

  10. Salamander (n): prominent, chief

  11. Salient (adj.) : prominent, chief

  12. Saliva (n): natural liquid secreted in the mouth glands, spittle

  13. Sallow (n): a shrub

  14. Sallow (adj.): pale yellow

  15. Sally (v): rush out suddenly

  16. Salmon (n): a large fish

  17. Saloon (n): show room, main cabin, public room for specified purpose

  18. Salt (n): white substance obtained from sea-water

  19. Saltpan (n): a dried up a salt lake

  20. Saltpetre (n): salty white power (nitrate) used in explosives

  21. Salt pit (n): a pit where salt is made

  22. Salubrious (adj.); healthful

  23. Salutary (adj.); having food effect healthy

  24. Salute (v) : greet, bow

  25. Salute (n) : greeting, a bow

  26. Salvage (v) : save from loss, fire wreck etc

  27. Salvage (n) : things saved

  28. Salvation (n): deliverance of soul, rescue

  29. Same (adj.) : identical, unchanged, not different

  30. Samite (n) : a heavy cloth of silk

  31. Sample (n) : a specimen

  32. Sampler (n) : one who samples, a piece of embroidery to show ones skill

  33. Sanatorium (n) : an institution to which people go for medical treatment a health resort

  34. Sanitarium (n) : an institution to which people go for medical treatment a health resort

  35. Sanctify (v) : make holy

  36. Sanction (n): right given by authority, confirmation

  37. Sanction (v): confirm, authorize

  38. Sanctity (n): holiness, saintliness

  39. Sanctuary (n): a sacred place

  40. Sanctum (n): sacred place, for shelter

  41. Sand (n): fine particles of crushed or worn rocks

  42. Sandal (n): a kind of shoe, a loose slipper

  43. Sandal-wood (n): hard and sweet smelling wood

  44. Sand-bank (n): bank of sand in a river of sea

  45. Sandglass (n): a glass for measuring time by the running out of sand

  46. Sandpaper (n): a paper covered with a kind of sand for smoothing, and polishing

Testing Vocabulary for 26th September :

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