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Text Vocabulary for 10th June :

  1. Irresponsible (adj.): having no sense of responsibility

  2. Irrevocable (adj.): final, not to be changed

  3. Irrigate (n) : supply water through channels

  4. Irrigation (n) : method of watering land

  5. Irritable (adj.): quick, tempered, easily made angry

  6. Irritate (v) : produce uneasy sensation, make angry

  7. Islam (n) : religion followed by Muslims

  8. Island (n) : mass of land surrounded by water

  9. Isle (n) : any island

  10. Islet (n) : a little island

  11. Isobar (n) : a line on the map connecting places where the atmospheric pressure is the same

  12. Isolate (v) : place apart

  13. Isosceles (adj.) : having two sides equal

  14. Isotherm (n) : a line on the map connecting places having the same temperature

  15. Issue (n) : a flow, the end or result an offspring, problem, copies of a book, paper etc., sent out at a time

  16. Isthmus (n) : a narrow strip of land connecting two large bodies of land

  17. It (pronoun) : the things already spoken about

  18. Itch (n) : irritation in the skin, a strong desire

  19. Itch (v) : scratch, desire, strongly

  20. Item (n) : separate article in a list, a particular news

  21. Itinerant (adj.): travelling from place to place

  22. Itinerary (n) : a guide book, the route to be travelled

  23. Its ((possessive pronoun & adj.) : belonging to it

  24. Itself (pronoun) : of its own accord

  25. Ivory (n) : hard white substance that forms the trunk of an elephant

  26. Ivy (n) : a climbing evergreen plant

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