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Thanksgiving Vocabulary for 18th September :

  1. Retail (v): sell in small quantities

  2. Retail (n): sale of goods in small quantities

  3. Retain (v): withhold, detain, employ, hire, preserve

  4. Retainer (n): a servant, attendant

  5. Retaliate (v): repay, revenge, returned the like for

  6. Retaliate (n): retaliation

  7. Retard (v): to cause so move slowly, delay

  8. Retch (v): try to vomit

  9. Retention (n): retaining memory, restraint

  10. Reticent (adj.): not saying much shy in speaking

  11. Retina (n): the inner membrane at the back of the eyeball which is sensitive to light

  12. Retire (v): with draw, depart, go back, give up occupation, go to bed

  13. Retired (adj.): secluded, withdrawn from active service

  14. Retired (n): retirement

  15. Retort (n): a ready answer, a vessel used for distillation

  16. Retort (v): answer sharply

  17. Retrace (v): trace or go back

  18. Retract (v): draw back, to make a disavowal

  19. Retreat (v): recede, retire

  20. Retreat (n): withdrawal, retirement, shelter

  21. Retrench (v): reduce, cut down

  22. Retrieve (v): get possession again, repair

  23. Retrieve (adj.): retrievable

  24. Retrograde (adj.): moving backward, deteriorating

  25. Retrospect (n): a looking back, the past

  26. Retrospective (adj.): applicable to the past

  27. Retrospective (adv.): retrospectively

  28. Return (v): turn back, revisit, recur

  29. Return (n): going back, repayment, profit, report

  30. Reunion (n): a meeting after separation

  31. Reveal (v): make known, divulge

  32. Reveille (n): a bell to waken soldiers in the morning

  33. Revel (v): make merry, indulge heartily in, a noisy feast

  34. Revelry (n): noisy, festivity, jollity

  35. Revenge (v): to take vengeance for

  36. Revenge (n): vengeance

  37. Revenue (n): income

  38. Reverberate (v): to echo

  39. Revere (v): venerate, reverence

  40. Reverence (n): veneration, respect, for elders

  41. Reverend (adj.): venerable, awful, worthy of respect

  42. Reverent (adj.): humble, expressing, reverence

  43. Reverential (adj.): humble, expressing, reverence

  44. Revere (n): a waking dream

  45. Reversal (n): reversing, turning upside down, annulling

  46. Reverse (v): to turn upside down or inside out

  47. Reverse (n): the opposite, a defeat, the back side of anything

Thanksgiving Vocabulary for 18th September :

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