The Bear and The Travelers

The Bear and The Travelers :

Two travelers were walking across the forest.

Before they entered the forest they promised to help each other in times of danger. They were going into the forest.

After a while, they unexpectedly face a big bear.

The first traveler forgot his promise. He climbed up a tree without caring for his friend.

The second traveler does not know how to climb a tree. To face the bear alone was also not possible.

He thought for a second and fell on the ground. He acted like a dead man.

The bear came close to him. It smelled him and went away thinking that he was dead.

After the bear left, the man on the top of the tree came down and asked the fellow traveler, “What did the bear tell you?"

“Do not believe a friend who lets you down in times of danger" said the second traveler.

The promises of the coward do not stand a test.

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