The Best Fish Swim Near The Bottom.

The Best Fish Swim Near The Bottom. :

It is always easy to catch the fish that swim near the surface of the water. But the best kind of fish always sticks to the bottom and hence it is difficult to catch. The pain taken to catch such fish is always worthwhile. Likewise, the rarest of gems are usually found at the very bottom of oceans. Those collected from corals or groves near the surface of the sea tend to be less valuable. People usually are too lazy or reluctant to take enough pains to achieve good results in life. They are always on the lookout for shortcuts which require less labour and effort but the best results in life can only be got by true and hard labour. Even if they do not yield good results overnight, they certainly will pay up in the long run. History is full of such examples which emphasize the fact that real success can only be derived by putting in hard if he is to get the real fruits of life. That which is got by shortcuts or little pain tends to be less valuable, less worthwhile compared to the result of hard work. Therefore if we are to succeed in life we should be willing to work hard.

The Best Fish Swim Near The Bottom.