The Boy of The Farmer

The Boy of The Farmer :

One dark night a lame boy went to the house of a farmer. He said to the farmer, “I am not a begger. I will work for you. I will plough your lands. I will sow. My father is dead. My mother is poor. I am hungry. Please give me some food."

The farmer’s wife was sorry for the boy. She said to the farmer. “Do not drive away this boy."

She turned to the boy and said, “Stay here. We will give you food."

The farmer’s daughter liked the boy. She said to her father, “Do not drive him away. He is not an idle begger."

The boy lived with the farmer. He worked hard in the fields. The farmer and his wife loved the boy.

The boy grew up. He became a man. After some years the farmer died. Then his wife also died. The boy married the farmer’s daughter.

“I am now a happy man. I came to this house on a lucky day," said the boy.

The Boy of The Farmer

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