A Short Story :

The Brahmin and His Enemies

This Short Story
The Brahmin and His Enemies is quite interesting to all the people. Enjoy reading this story.

Long ago, a poor Brahmin lived with his family in a small house. His disciples would help him with food and clothes. He somehow managed to pass his days.

One day, the Brahmin received two calves as a gift from one of his disciples. He was overjoyed. Though he had difficulty in arranging for fodder and grain for the calves, he managed to feed the two calves. Years passed by and the calves grew up into two bullocks.

A thief had seen the bullocks. “The foolish Brahmin does not even know the proper use of these bullocks. I will steal the bullocks and sell them," he thought.

That evening, the thief started for the Brahmin’s house. While on his way, the thief was stopped by a fierce demon. “I am hungry. I will eat you," said the demon, in a thundering voice. “Wait! Wait, dear friend! I am a thief I am on my way to the Brahmin’s house to steal his bullocks. You can eat the Brahmin instead of me," said the thief.

The demon agreed. The thief and the demon proceeded towards the Brahmin’s house. Reaching the house of the Brahmin, the thief said, “Let me take the bullocks and go. Then you can eat the Brahmin."

“No! Let me eat the Brahmin first. I am hungry," roared the demon. The two started to quarrel.

The noise woke up the Brahmin. As soon as he saw the demon, he started chanting some mantras. The demon uttered a sharp cry, “AAIEE!" and disappeared.

Then the Brahmin got hold of a thick stick, “You tried to steal my bullocks, did you?" said the Brahmin. And he thrashed the thief. Thus the Brahmin saved himself from the demon and eventually punished the thief.

The Brahmin and His Enemies were separated from each other.

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