The Bundle of Sticks

The Bundle of Sticks :

AN old man had three sons. He was not happy. His sons quarreled with one another.

One day, the old man said to his sons. “Bring me a bundle of sticks.” The sons asked their servant to do so. The serant did so. After a few minutes, he returned with a bundle of sticks.

The old man then called his sons to him. He said to them, “Here is a bundle of sticks in front of you all. Break it.”

They tried to break the bundle of sticks. They failed.

The old man then said, “Now intie the bundle. Take one stick at a time. Break it.”

Each son took one stick. He broke it easily.

The father said to his sons, “Now learn a lesson, my dear boys. Do not quarrel with one another. Live together. You will be happy and strong. United we stand and divided we fall.”

The three sons learnt the lessons and remained united till their death.

The Bundle of Sticks

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