The Caged Monkey

The Caged Monkey :

Once there was a poor man. He owned a monkey. The monkey used to display a variety of tricks. He worked hard the whole day. The people who watched him would throw coins for him. He would collect them and gave them to his master.

Once, the master took the monkey to the zoo. There he saw a caged monkey. People were feeding him fruits and biscuits. The monkey thought, "This caged monkey is lucky. He does not need to work hard to get food. He is having free food here."

That night, he went to live in the zoo's cage. He loved the rest and the free food for a few days. Then he started getting bored. He had to wait for the visitors who would come to see him in the cage. After a few weeks, the monkey got fed up of such a life. He ran away from the zoo and came back to his master who welcomed him warmly.

The monkey realized that it is hard to earn a living but sitting idle can be even more hard and dangerous.

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