A Moral Story : The Camel
and The Jackal

Let us enjoy reading this story of The Camel and The Jackal.

A camel and a jackal were friends. One day the jackal took his friend to a big sugar-cane farm. It was on the opposite side of a river. After a sumptuous meal the jackal began to howl loudly. The frightened camel pleaded with the jackal not to do so. The jackal said, “Friend, I have this habit after every meal. I cannot help it." Soon the farmers arrived and gave a sound thrashing to the camel. When the camel crossed the river the jackal joined him on his back. In the midstream the camel took a deliberate dip in the water. When the jackal cried out in terror, the camel said casually: "I have the habit of rolling in the water after every meal." The poor jackal was drowned.

MORAL : Every action has an opposite reaction.

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