The Class Monitor

The Class Monitor :

All the students were excited because they were going for a picnic. The teacher called Amar and said, "Amar, I appoint you as the class monitor. You must make sure that all students get into the bus in a queue. No one must put their hand or head out of the window and keep a count of the number of students."

Amar said, "Yes Madam, I'll do as you say."

So, everyone enjoyed and had fun on the picnic. Then everyone sat in the bus to go back home.

Just then, the teacher saw Amar putting his head out of the window. She got angry and scolded Amar,

"How irresponsible you are, Amar!

I made you class monitor to control, others, but you yourself are breaking the rule. Shame on you!"

But Amar bowed his head and said, "Maam, I was acting per your instructions. I was looking out to see that no students should be left behind."

The teacher felt embarrassed for scolding Amar without any fault of his.

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