The Dog of A Hunter

The Dog of A Hunter :

Once, a hunter went to the forest to hunt some rabbits. His fierce faithful dog accompanied him. They had both gone on such hunting trips together many a times.

As they passed by a clearing, they saw that a snake and a mongoose were having a fierce fight.

The hunter and his dog watched the bloody fight for a few minutes. Sometimes, the poisonous snake would raise his head and strike at the mongoose. At other times, the mongoose would bite the snake. As the fight grew fierce, the hunter thought of stopping it. So he aimed his gun and shot the mongoose dead.

Then the hunter sent his dog to get the dead mongoose. The dog obeyed his master and ran to the spot.

The mongoose's bloody and motionless body lay on the ground. Just as the dog picked the dead mongoose in his mouth, he let out a painful yelp. The poisonous snake had bit and killed the dog.

The regretful hunter thought, "I was wrong to kill the mongoose. The enemy was the snake not the mongoose."

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