The Donkey in Tiger-Skin Clothing

The Donkey in Tiger-Skin Clothing :

Once donkey thought he has a good idea. He dressed himself in the skin of a tiger. In this disguise, he was able to go freely in and around the forest.

“This is perfect life," he talked to himself.

He had comfortable style also with the tiger-skin life.

But a forest ranger found him out. He hanged him. Some people who were passing by were surprised on seeing it. They asked the forest ranger, “Why have you hung a tiger?"

“That is not a tiger," said the ranger.

“Look…it is a donkey dressed like a tiger," he further added.

When the other men heard the fact, they agreed that no punishment was too great for the donkey-cum-tiger.

“Beware of falsehood. Truth will be found out." They all said in chorus.

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