The Enemies

The Enemies :

Earlier, the mongoose used to be a poisonous animal. All the animals used to fear him.

One day all the animals, discussed how all of them were troubled by the mongoose's cruel attacks. It was decided that the mongoose was to be stopped from such acts. Then the snake said, "I can do this task easily." And then the snake told his plan to the others. In those days, the snake was not a poisonous animal. The snake went to the mongoose and said, "My friend, I am here to warn you. All the animals are coming in a large group to snatch away your sack of poison."

"Let them come. I'll bite them to death,” the mongoose challenged.

"You can fight the smaller animals, but not the larger ones," the snake said.

So the trusting mongoose gave his poison sack to the snake for safe keep, but the snake never returned it to him. Since then, the mongoose fights with the snake to gain back his poison sack.

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