The Evils of Drinking Liquor

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The Evils of Drinking Liquor :

From time immemorial man has been addicted to drinking. Many a man has become a slave of this vice. It is painful to note that a vast majority of young men are addicted to drinking. Drinking ruins one’s family. A drunkard spends all his earnings in liquor. He does not care for his family. Sometimes the whole family commits suicide. Drinking affects one’s health. Alcohol attacks human brain. A drunkard blabbers.

Drinking degrades one’s social status. A respectable man in the society drinks alcohol and falls flat near a gutter. He becomes a laughing stock of everyone. Many millionaires have become paupers owing to drinking.

Great leaders like Gandhiji and Rajaji were dead against drinking. Periyar E.V.R. felled all his coconut trees that gave toddy. Even today many articles are written in magazines about the evils of drinking. The Government of Tamil Nadu screens a film depicting the evils of drinking. In the wine shops it is displayed. “Drinking is injurious to health”. “It ruins one’s family”.

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