The Foolish Goats

The Foolish Goats :

A goat had to cross a small river. A narrow plank was across the river. The goat was walking on it happily.

On the opposite side it saw another goat coming towards it.

“Go back” shouted the first goat. “Wait...I will cross the river first. Then you can come.”

“Why should I?” cried the second goat. “I came first here so I should cross first,” the second one said.

“No…I came first,” shouted the first goat. It further added, “Go away or I will kick you,” and added “Wait and see.” The first goat said angrily.

“I will kick you first.” The second goat also said angrily.

The two goats started the arguing. Both the goats got very angry. They attacked each other. At last both the foolish goats fell into the water running in the river.

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