The Fox and The Stork

The Fox and The Stork :

A fox and a stork were nice friends. They used to share whatever they got. In spite of being such friends, the fox wanted to make a joke out of the stork.

He invited the stork for dinner on night. When the stork turned up, the fox served the dinner in a big flat plate with all dry food spread around. The stork asked, “Friend, do not you know that I can not eat such dry food with such a long neck and beak. Is there not any liguid food? Can not you serve it now?

The fox licked its lips and said, “Oh! Come on…look how I eat?"

The stork was readily wounded.

Few days later, the stork invited the fox for lunch. And when the fox arrived, the stork served some hot soup in a long-necked jar. While the fox was gazing at the soup, the stork let its long neck into the jar and started sucking at the soup and said, “Ha! Ha!! How tasty this soup is! Friedn, come on! Enjoy this soup!"

Only then did the fox repent for the joke he tried to play. One should not try to make fun of the others’ limitations.

The Fox and The Stork