The Generous Student : A Cinese Story

The Generous Student

Let us enjoy reading this Chinese Story of The Generous Student.

Lin Piao used to absent himself from classes very often and one day the principal of the college made up his mind to expel him. So he sent for the young man.

Lin arrived just as the principal was about to go for lunch.

"Is this the time to come!" said the principal, sternly.

"Forgive me, Sir," said Lin, "but I got to college very late today. You see, I found a lump of gold in our field."

"A lump of gold!" said the principal, his eyes popping out. "Oh, my, what are you going to do with it?"

"I decided to build a palatial house, buy several acres of land and several head of cattle," said the student. "I also decided to give you a small sum for the trouble you have taken in educating me."

The principal was pleased and invited Lin to eat with him. The young man ate ravenously but the principal hardly touched his food. He was wondering how much Lin would give him and if it would be enough to buy that small paddy field he had always wanted.

"I hope you've kept the gold in a safe place," he said, suddenly coming out of his reverie.

"I never got a chance to do that," said Lin. "It disappeared the moment my mother shook me awake."

"What!" screamed the principal. "You mean it was all a dream?!"

The young man nodded.

The principal controlled himself with a great effort of will.

"I'm happy you remembered me in your dream," he said, finally. "I hope you remember me when you really get some gold. Now please leave."

It was only when the young man had left that the principal remembered why he had sent for him.

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