The Greatest Solution

The Greatest Solution :

Once, a poor beggar lived in a village. One day he thought of going to meet the village head to beg for money. When the beggar reached there, he came to know that the village head had gone to meet the king to ask for grants for village. The beggar thought that as the king was helping the village head, so he must be richer than the village head.

So he decided to go and beg from the king.

As he reached the capital city, he saw a large crowd outside a temple. He enquired and found out that the king was visiting the temple. The beggar looked in and saw the king asking God to bless him and to keep his treasury full all the time.

The beggar thought that God was greater than the king and he should beg from him. Then God appeared before the beggar and said, "The greatest solution to your poverty is hard work. You must start working to earn a living and stop begging."

The beggar heeded God's advice and gave up begging. He worked hard and earned money to lead a good life.

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