The Greedy Crane

The Greedy Crane :

There once lived an old crane on the banks of a pond.

He found it difficult to catch fish because of his old age.

One day a crab came out of the water and asked the crane, “Why are you looking so sad?"

“I am sad because this pond is going to fill up with mud." He replied.

All the fishes are soon going to die.

The crab was scared.

He soon told his friends in the pond.

They all decided to ask crane for help.

“I will take a few fish everyday in my beak to another pond and save all of you," said the old crane.

All the fish agreed to this idea.

The wicked crane took a few every day to a nearby hill. There he ate them up.

One day it was time for the crab to go.

He sat on the crane’s beak. When he saw all the dead fish he caught hold of the crane’s neck tight until it fell down.

He then returned joyfully to the pond and told the remaining fish about the cunning works of the crane. There after the fish avoided the crane.

After some time, the crane remained without food and at last died.

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