The Guilty Person

The Guilty Person :

Akrarn worked as a servant in a rich man's mansion. He used to do various domestic works. But he had a bad habit. Each time he was alone, he would steal something to eat.

One day, the owner's family went to attend a wedding. Soon Akrarn was all alone in the house. He went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. There he, drank some juice and ate some sweets. He saw two oranges and ate them. Just then the doorbell rang. Akrarn got scared. He thought, "Oh! May be the owner has come. What do I do with these orange peels? If I stay to hide them I'll be late at the door. If I keep them here I'll be caught."

So Akrarn ate up the orange peels too and then he opened the door. But to Akrarns disappointment, there was a postman to deliver a registered letter. When he left, Akrarn thought, "A thief is always afraid of being caught. Today that fear made me eat the orange peels too. I'll never steal food from today."

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