The Hut of A Old Woman

The Hut of A Old Woman :

Once, there was a great king named Vikramaditya. One day he saw a beautiful place by the side of a river. He ordered his Prime Minister to build a large and beautiful palace there. The Prime Minister contacted the royal architect and a plan was made. Soon the labourers started to build the palace. A few days later, the Prime Minister went to King Vikramaditya and said, "Your Majesty, just where the palace is to be built, there is a poor old woman's broken hut. It is going to ruin the beauty of the palace." The king said, "Tell her, that she will be given another place and gold coins too if she'll leave the hut."

The next day the old woman met the king and said, "I'll not leave my hut. It's my dead husband's home. That's all I have received from him. No amount of gold can make me leave."

The king realized that the old woman was emotionally attached to the hut and he let it be. Everyone praised King Vikramaditya's sense of justice.

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