A Short Story : The Iron Box

This Short Story
The Iron Box is quite interesting to all the people. Enjoy reading this story.

Mohan Das was the son of a rich businessman. When his father died, Mohan Das was left with an iron box with valuables in it. One day, Mohan Das had to go to the city on some work. So, he took the iron box and handed it over to his moneylender friend. His name was Ramasewak.

“Please keep this box. My father gave it to me. I will return from city after few days and collect it from you," said Mohan Das to Ramasewak.

“You do not have to worry. I will keep this box safely," said Ramasewak.

Mohan Das started off his journey happily. He knew that his valuable iron box was safe with Ramasewak. A few days later he returned. He went to his friend Ramasewak and asked for the iron box. Ramasewak pretended to look a little surprised, “Oh, the iron box! The rats ate it up. I just could not stop them," he said.

Mohan Das realized that his friend had become greedy and dishonest. Ramasewak was trying to cheat him. Being an intelligent man, he kept quite. “I must figure out a way to get my iron box back from Ramasewak," thought Mohan Das.

Next day, Mohan Das went to Ramasewak and said, “Friend! Can you send your son with me? I need someone to look after my property."

Ramasewak thought for a while. He brooded. “Mohan Das seems to be a fool. May be he will reward my son for looking after his property," thought Ramasewak. Then, immediately he agreed and sent his son with Mohan Das.

Next morning, Mohan Das came running to Ramasewak and said, “Dear friend, a terrible thing has happened. A hawk has carried your son away."

Ramasewak was furious and demanded, “How can a hawk carry off my son?"

“In the same way as the rats can eat up the iron box," answered Mohan Das.

“I am sorry, my friend. I realize my mistake," Ramasewak said with a bit of concern in his voice. He felt ashamed of having tried to cheat his friend. He gave the box back to his friend. Both of them were happy and remained good friends forever.

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