The Magic Shirt

The Magic Shirt :

A great king said to his son. “Son! I am not well. Go and bring a good doctor."

The king was not really well. But he said, “I am sick. I am sick."

He was lazy. So he fell sick.

A great doctor came. He examined the king.

He said, “You are not sick. You are well and strong."

The king was angry. “I do not believe you. You are a fool." The king cut off the doctor’s head.

Another doctor came. He said, “Oh King! Sleep one night in the shirt of a man who is happy. You will be happy and well."

The king called his servants. He said to them, “Go and get me a shirt of a happy man."

The servants went in search of a happy man. They saw some rich people. The rich people said, “We are NOT happy. We are poor."

The poort people said, “We poor men are always unhappy. So our shirts will not be useful to your king."

The servants went to a begger. He was laughing and singing. He was rolling on the grass. The servants said to him. “You are a happy man. Give us your shirt. We will take it to the king."

The begger said, “I have no shirt at all."

The servants told this story to the king. He learnt a lesson. He went out of his palace. He worked hard. He was happy. The people were also happy.

The Magic Shirt

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