The Magical Pot

The Magical Pot :

One day a man and his wife were digging the land to sow some seeds. They dug deep, their shovel hit something. They discovered a large a copper pot under ground. They picked it out. They both carried the pot home. On the way, the man put his shovel in the pot.

At home, they looked in the pot. To their amazement, there were now two shovels inside. The man said, "Oh! This means, whatever you put in this magical pot, it will double by itself."

So the man put some money in the pot and doubled it. He put some more in it and it increased too. In such a way the couple now had a lot of money. Once, the greedy wife was taking out money from the pot. She slipped and fell inside. The man pulled her out but now there were two wives. He pulled out the second woman and then four and so on until he had ten wives. The magical pot had put the man in great trouble.

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