The Making of A Lion

The Making of A Lion :

Once upon a time there lived four friends in a hermitage. They leant many divine slokas and the way to perform various poojas and yajnas. After completing their studies, they were walking through a forest. There they came across a skeleton of a dead lion. They looked at it for while.

Gyanendra, one of the four friends said to the other friends, “Friends, let us test our knowledge. I will put the bones together using a magical verse."

Anupam, the second friend, said, “I know a magical verse which can create all the organs at their usual place and cover the body of the lion with its skin."

Subber, the third friend, then said, “I can put life in the lion using my magical powers and verse."

At this point of time, the fourth friend, Gopi said to them, “Please…do not do that. Once the lion is alive, it will devour all of us."

But other three friends were stubborn and they did not listen to what Gopi said.

The other three friends went ahead with their words.

Gopi run and hid himself behind a tree.

Subeer then recited his verse and the lion immediately came to life. The thre friends looked at each other and smiled in satisfaction.

The lion killed the three friends and Gopi saved his life and said, “Only if you had paid attention to what I said, you all would have remained alive. You should learn where and when to use the verses."

Moral : We should always use our common sense.

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