The Male and Female
Names of Animals

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Animal Names

This is a list of the male and female names of animals.

Animal Female Male
Alligator cow bull
Ant queen, princess, worker prince, drone
Antelope cow bull
Ass jenny jack, jackass
Badger sow boar
Bear sow, she-bear boar, he-bear
Bee queen, queen-bee, worker drone
Bird hen cock
Bison cow bull
Boar (wild) sow boar
Buffalo cow bull
Camel cow bull
Canary hen cock
Caribou cow, doe bull, stag, hart
Cat tabby, queen tom, tomcat, gib
Cattle cow bull
Chicken hen, partlet, biddy cock, rooster, stag
Cougar lioness, she-lion, pantheress tom, lion
Coyote bitch dog
Crocodile bull
Deer hind, doe buck, stag
Dog bitch dog
Dolphin cow bull
Dove hen cock
Duck duck drake
Elephant cow bull
Elk cow bull
Ferret hob jill
Fox vixen, bitch, she-fox fox, dog-fox, stag, reynard
Giraffe cow bull
Goat nanny, she-goat, nannie, nannie-goat billy, buck, billie-goat, he-goat
Goose goose, dame gander, stag
Gorilla blackback, silverback
Guinea pig sow boar
Hare jill jack
Hawk hen tiercel
Hedgehog sow boar
Hippopotamus cow bull
Horse mare, dam stallion, stag, horse stud, stable horse, sire, rig
Impala ewe ram
Kangaroo doe buck
Leopard leopardess leopard
Lion lioness, she-lion lion, tom
Lobster hen cock
Manatee cow bull
Mink sow boar
Moose cow bull
Mouse doe buck
Mule she-ass, more, hinny stallion, jackass, jack
Opossum jill jack
Ostrich hen cock
Otter bitch dog
Owl jenny, howlet
Ox cow, beef ox, beef, steer, bullock
Partridge hen cock
Peacock hen, pea-hen cock, peacock
Penguin hen cock
Pheasant hen cock
Pig sow boar
Pigeon hen cock
Possum jill jack
Quail hen cock
Rabbit doe buck
Raccoon sow boar
Rat doe buck
Reindeer doe buck
Rhinoceros cow bull
Robin hen cock
Salmon hen jack
Sea Lion cow bull
Seal cow bull
Shark bull
Sheep ewe, dam buck, ram, male-sheep, mutton
Skunk boar
Squirrel doe buck
Swan pen cob
Swine sow boar
Termite queen king
Tiger tigeress tiger
Trout hen jack
Turkey hen gobbler, tom
Walrus cow bull
Weasel bitch, doe, jill dog, buck, jack, hob
Whale cow bull
Wolf bitch dog
Woodchuck she-chuck he-chuck
Zebra mare stallion
This is a list of the male and female names of animals.

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