The Messenger Donkey

The Messenger Donkey :

Once, a jackal was a lion's minister. Everyday the jackal would inform the lion about the prey he might see anywhere. The lion would hunt, eat and leave some share of the animal body for the jackal. The two of them were living blissfully.

Once, the lion fell ill. For many days, he could not even get out of his den. He said to the jackal, "I am ill and hungry because I have not eaten for the past few days. Get me some food or else I'll eat you up." The jackal looked all over the jungle for the prey and at last spotted a grazing donkey. He went and said to him, "Dear donkey, I've been searching for you so long. The forest king wants to make you his messenger."

"Is that so? Let's go to meet him," said the eager donkey.

The jackal led the donkey to the lion's den. There the lion pounced on him and killed him in a moment. The lion and the jackal enjoyed their east. The poor donkey forgot that greed and haste often leads to a fall.

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