A Short Story : The Naughty Lamb

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The Naughty Lamb is quite interesting to all the people. Enjoy reading this story.

Once upon a time, there was a huge forest with many tresses of all kinds. In that forest lives a mother goat and her little lamb. They were happily living in the forest. The lamb was very naughty. The mother goat found it difficult to manager her child, The Naughty Lamb.

The naughtiness of the lamb found no limits. This was the problem of the mother goat. The mother goat felt worried. Their home was near the edge of the forest. In that location, there were many wolves in that forest.

One day, The Naughty Lamb wandered into the forest. He enjoyed looking at the tall trees and lovely flowers. He suddenly realized that he lost his way. “Oh! My god! I have come far away from home. Mother will be angry with me," he thought.

Out of little lamb’s sight, there was a wolf who was watching from behind a tree. “Yummy! That lamb is exactly what I want for my lunch today," he thought, licking his lips in anticipation.

The wolf jumped in front of the lamb and, barring his sharp teeth, said, “A little fellow like you should not be getting into this dangerous forest. I am here going to eat you for my lunch today."

The little tender lamb was terrified. He stood still for a moment, without knowing what to do. Then, he gained her courage, returned and ran as fast as he could. The wolf followed closely. The little lamb ran at her maximum speed, for a long time. The wolf followed.

Meanwhile, the mother goat not finding her child the little lamb at home was worried. “I hope he has not gone into the forest. I must go and look for him," she thought.

Just as she was about to get into the dense forest, she saw the little lamb coming out of the dangerous forest. He was panting and there was a wolf chasing behind the little lamb. The mother goat using her long horns chased the cunning wolf away into the forest.

The mother goat ran behind the wolf for some distance into the forest and became assured that the wolf would not come again into the nearby areas of their home. After the mother goat came back to their home, it saw that the little lamb was shivering in fear. Mother goat took him inside their home and when he calmed the little one, said, “Now, I hope you have learnt a lesson that the forest is not the place for goats like us." The little lamb just nodded. The little goat never went to the forest. After this incident, both the mother and her child goat lived happily for a long time.

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