The Old Brown Horse

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The Old Brown Horse :

The old brown horse looks over the fence

In a weary sort of way.

He seems to be saying to all who pass:

“W ell, folks, I've had my day-

I'm simply watching the world go by,

And nobody seems to mind,

As they're dashing past in their motor-cars,

A horse who is lame and half-blind."

The old brown horse has a shaggy coat,

But once he was young and trim,

And he used to trot through the woods and lanes

With the man who was fond of him.

But his master rides in a motor-car,

And it makes him feel quite sad

When he thinks of the days that used to be,

And of all the times they had.

Sometimes a friendly soul will stop

Near the fence, where the tired old head

Rests wearily on the topmost bar,

And a friendly word is said.

Then the old brown horse gives a little sigh

As he feels the kindly touch

Of a hand on his mane or his shaggy coat,

And he doesn't mind so much.

So if you pass by the field one day,

Just stop for a word or two

With the old brown horse who was once as young

And as full of life as you.

He'll love the touch of your soft young hand,

And I know he'll seem to say

“Oh, thank you, friend, for the kindly thought

For a horse who has had his day."

By W. F. Holmes

Words to Know

Had my day : my best days are past : I am now old.

Mane : long hair on the head and neck of a horse

Topmost bar : bar at the very top (of the fence)

Weary : tired

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