A Short Story :

The Pigeon and The Bad Crows

This Short Story The Pigeon and The Bad Crows is quite interesting to all the people. Enjoy reading this story.

Once upon a time there lived a farmer. He had amassed wealth by selling the produces that he got from his farms. He distributed that wealth to all the needy people. So, the whole village revered him for his magnanimity. But he had a persistent problem in his farms. Whenever he sowed seeds in his farm, the crows would come and eat them up. He was worried about this trouble and his profit from the farms went reduced. The contemplated the problem and came to a conclusion.

“I must do something about these crows. I will be ruined if I do not stop this dangerous and destroying tendency of these crows,” he thought. He consulted this problem with his friends. They gave an idea to get rid of this nagging problem.

The next day, as suggested by his friends, the farmer bought a scarecrow and placed it on the farm. The he sowed his seeds. “This season, I hope, I will get a good harvest,” he said to himself softly.

When the farmer came to his farm a few days later, he saw that crows had pushed the scarecrow on to the ground. And the grains were all eaten. The farmer cried out, “I am ruined.” He again took this matter to his well-wishers. They decided to adopt another idea to bring this matter to an end.

The farmer sat the whole night thinking of a plan to get rid of the crows. Finally, just before dawn he had an idea, “I must go to the town and buy a large net. I will trap the crows in the net,” he decided. Then he went to sleep.

The farmer then bought a net and some grain. He laid the net on the farm and spread the grain over it. Then he went and hid himself.

Soon the crows came to the fields to pick the grains. They were there. “More grains! That farmer is indeed a foolish, he does not seem to learn,” said the crows to each other. And they laughed among themselves. But suddenly they realized that they were trapped. They realized their foolish approach and greedy nature.

Before long, the farmer was standing over the crows. “Aha! Finally, I have got you all. For the destruction you have caused me, I will put you all to death.”

Suddenly the farmer heard a feeble voice among the noises of the crows. There was a pigeon among the crows. Both the pigeon and the bad crows were in the net. Both the pigeon and the bad crows were sad. The pigeon said, “Mr. Farmer, please let me go. You are angry with the crows, not with me.”

The farmer said, “But you too have been caught stealing from my farm. I will not spare you,” said the farmer. The pigeon had to pay a heavy price for having been in bad company. The farmer did not spare the pigeon either and he killed all the birds caught in his net. After that day, he was happy with his farm and he earned as usual heavy profit from his harvest.

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