The Pleasant Song

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The Pleasant Song :

Pleasant the Carousal that hinders not mental exertion

Also pleasant a generous one at Candlemas time.

Pleasant : a steed with thick mane thrown in a tangle

Also pleasant : the crackling of the greeting fire

Pleasant : desire-and silver fringes

Also pleasant the holding of thine own warn woman.

Pleasant the wild eagle on the shore where the sea floweth

Also pleasant the sea gulls calling

Pleasant a horse with gold enamelled trappings

Also pleasant a draught of the generous mead.

Pleasant the open fields where cuckoo and nightingale

Live in the warm still, summer weather

Pleasant the right and happy betrothal

Also pleasant - the gift - a gift that is loved.

Pleasant to listen to the mynstrel in the hall

Pleasant to us our time of Paradise

Pleasant the moon awake in the heavens

Pleasant the quiet of a slow long day.

Pleasant the heath upon the mountains,

Also pleasant the salt marsh for cattle,

Pleasant the time the Calves draw milk

Pleasant the blossom on the top of the pear trees.

Also pleasant the solitary doe and the fawn,

Pleasant the foamy horseblock

Pleasant thy friendship with the Creator.

Joyful Song of the Mynstrall : The Old Book : Medieval Anthology

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