The Pleasure of Freedom

The Pleasure of Freedom :

Once in a jungle a beautiful golden bird had made her home on a tree. When she sang, shiny pearls fell from her open beak.

One day a bird catcher came to the jungle. Soon he spread a net and the poor golden bird was caught in it. The bird catcher took the bird home and kept it in a silver cage and fed it well. But the sad bird did not sing at all and the hunter never got any pearls.

The bird catcher sold the caged bird to a merchant. The merchant gifted that golden bird to the king. The king thought, "Hmm ... that's a nice bird. I'll give it to the princess to play with."

So the king gave the caged bird to the princess.

She was a beautiful girl with a kind heart.

She at once freed the golden bird. The pleasure of freedom made the golden bird sing aloud and soon a shower of pearls fell in the room of princess.

The golden bird came to meet the princess everyday and sang for her.

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