The Royal Gift

The Royal Gift :

Once a poor Brahmin went to the king and said, "Your Majesty, last night, I dreamt that you have been crowned as the king of the kings."

The king felt very happy to hear this. So he gave thousand gold coins to the Brahmin. The Brahmin accepted the royal gift and left the palace. On the way home, he passed through a small forest. He was busy counting the coins when one of them fell and rolled into the thick undergrowth. He searched for it for hours and soon it was evening. The king passed by the woods on a walk. When he learnt that the Brahmin is searching for a coin since morning, he took away the bag of gold coins and said, "You have wasted your full day for just finding a single gold coin! A greedy man like you does not deserve this."

But the clever Brahmin said, "Your Majesty, I was searching the coin because I want no one stepping on a royal gift."

The king was impressed by the clever reply and gifted a hundred coins extra to the Brahmin.

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