The Smart Dog

The Smart Dog :

Once, a farmer and his wife had a flock of sheep. Even after all their efforts, a wolf ate up all the sheep and only one sheep was left. Once, the couple sat talking about selling the remaining sheep. The sheep heard them and thought, "I'd rather live freely than be killed by a butcher."

So the sheep left the farm at night with the guard dog. By chance, the wolf saw them and thought to get the sheep for dinner. But he knew that he could not harm the sheep in the presence of the dog. So he said to the sheep, "Hey sheep! Come here and return the coat that I lent you last week."

The dog understood what the wolf wanted. He saw a trap laid by the farmer near a tree. So he said, "We will believe you, if you touch the holy chain hanging near the tree."

As soon as the wolf went near the tree, his feet got caught in the trap. In the morning, the farmer was happy that the wolf had been caught. So the sheep and the guard dog were needed again. Hence they went back with him.

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