The Strength of Ugliness

The Strength of Ugliness :

It was a dense forest. Trees were found in all kinds. There were big trees and small trees, thick trees and thin trees and tall trees and short trees. There was this one tree which was a crooked one. The trunk was bent in all directions. It was a bit funny to look at. The crooked tree turned around and had a look at all other trees. There were all very up-right. They were standing straight. “See how ugly I am. I am good for nothing. All these fellow trees are straight and beautiful. I am not even one bit amicable." It lamented.

There came a hyeavy thunder storm. It started raining heavily. Strong winds started blowing. The wind gushed through the forest and water flushed away everything that lay on the ground. The soil all over was eroded. Trees fell one by one. First the thin ones fell, then small ones. Not only that, while the huge ones fell they cut-off the nearby trees also. Soo there were trees lying all over the place. All this time crooked tree shut its eyes and braced firmly biting its roots firm in the ground.

Slowly the storm subdued and there was silence. The crooked tree opened its eyes and alas, the whole place was a graveyard. All the beautiful trees were dead now. This crooked tree was one among the few survivors. Now this crooked tree understood the meaning of real strength.

The Strength of Ugliness