The Three Questions

The Three Questions :

King Mansingh had the habit of posing puzzles in the royal court. If someone could not answer them, he used to give them punishments.

Once a man came to the royal court and challenged him, 'You must answer my three questions correctly or you will have to give up the throne as a punishment." King Mansingh agreed.

The man asked, "Which runs faster than the wind? Who helps in trouble? And which is the sweetest thing in the world?"

Neither the king nor his courtiers could answer the questions. Now the king feared losing his throne. But his clever queen told him the answers and said, "Promise me never to pose questions to the people."

The king promised and went to court. Then he gave the .answers. "A heart's wishes are faster than the wind. Support helps a man I trouble and polite words are the sweetest in the world."

The man went after hearing correct answers.

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