The Three States of Water
Water Keeps Its Level

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The Three States of Water

Water has three states: solid, liquid and gaseous.

  • Ice is the solid state.

  • Liquid water is the liquid state.

  • And water vapour is the gaseous state.

    To see for your self, the conversion of water from one state to another state, place a cube of ice in a pan and heat it.

    You will first see it melting into water and later the water will boil as steam.

    Water Keeps Its Level

    It is a fact that water will always keep its level. When ever there is a collection of water, every part of it remains at the same level.

    It is easy to show this.

    Take a plastic bottle. Fill it with water and cork it tightly. Through the cork, pierce a hole and insert a rubber tube. Now invert the bottle and see the water flowing into the rubber tube.

    Now the level of water in the rubber tube and the level in the bottle will be found to be equal. Now try to lower the tube, you will find that the water is coming out and at a point where the mouth of the tube is lower than the water level in the bottle water start pouring out. This shows that water maintains a uniform level.

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