The Two Beggars

The Two Beggars :

Once, a king saw a dirty beggar rubbing his back against the palace gates. He summoned the beggar.

Then he asked the beggar, "Why were you rubbing your back against the palace gates."

"Your Majesty, my back was itching, so I was rubbing my back against the iron gates."

The king asked the guards to give the beggar a hot bath and fifty gold coins. This news soon spread throughout the kingdom like a jungle fire.

A few days later, the king saw two poor and dirty beggars rubbing their backs against the palace gates. He asked them what they were doing and they replied that their backs were itching. The king called his guards and said, give these beggars fifty whiplashes on their backs to cure their itch."

"But, Your Majesty, you gave the other beggar fifty gold coins."

He told the truth, “Because he was alone he could not scratch his own back." But you are two men so you can scratch each other's back. You are here only out of greed."

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