The Wrestling Tortoise

The Wrestling Tortoise :

Once, a tortoise went to learn wrestling from the rabbit, an expert wrestler. Soon the tortoise had learnt the art and became an excellent wrestler.

One day, a goat started to tease him. The tortoise lost his temper. Soon they got into a physical bout. The expert tortoise wrestled with him. Soon he defeated and injured the goat. The other animals started fearing the tortoise.

This made the tortoise feel proud of his strength. Soon he became very insulting towards others. He started to trouble innocent animals.

One day, he started teasing the rabbit and challenged him to wrestle with him. After all, the rabbit was the tortoise's teacher. Soon the rabbit defeated the tortoise and threw him to the ground. The tortoise's shell and back were broken. Now the other animals started teasing the same tortoise.

Thus the tortoise began to realize that pride has a fall.

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