Trouble, Trust and Truth : Proverbs

Key-Words Based Proverbs

Trouble :

  • Wake not a sleeping lion.

  • Kindle not a fire that you cannot extinguish.

  • He that seeks trouble never misses.

  • Trouble never comes in single files but in battalions.

  • Never trouble trouble unless trouble troubles you.

  • Trust :

  • Trust makes way for treachery.

  • He that trusts much obliges much.

  • Try your friend before you trust.

  • Where there is no trust there is no love.

  • Trusting too much to others is the ruin of many.

  • Better known than trusted.

  • Trust everybody unless he proves untrustworthy.

  • Trust begets trust.

  • Truth :

  • Truth is the best advocate.

  • Truth and oil always come to the surface.

  • Truth is mighty and will prevail.

  • Truth is straight but judges are crooked.

  • Truth may be suppressed but never strangled.

  • Truth never perishes.

  • Truth stretches but never breaks.

  • Truth's cloak is often lined with lies.

  • Truth breeds hatred.

  • Truth may be blamed, but cannot be shamed.

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